Here are a few issues that I feel strongly about.

21st Century Jobs

North Dakota should be an industry standard for Wind/Solar Energy. We need to work with our fossil fuel workers to create even more jobs to help protect our environment by investing in renewable energy sources in addition to the fossil fuel industry. Another key area we should be focusing on is manufacturing jobs. In 2017 Apple (Foxconn) announced they will build a plant in Wisconsin, investing $10 Billion dollars. This is a 21st century job that North Dakota should have been negotiating to get that contract. Thousands of jobs, billions of dollars into our region for 1 contract.

School & Workplace Safety

I firmly believe in keeping our educators, construction workers, students, public employees all safe in their place of business or educational facility. No amount of money is too much to keep your family member from coming home every day safe. Cutting money to programs to ensure worker safety just to save a buck is not what I envision for North Dakota. We need to protect our teachers, students, workers by giving them the proper funding the proper infrastructure to keep them safe and home every night.

Keeping you safe online

In December 2017 the FCC voted along party lines, 3-2 to end Net Neutrality. Net Neutrality is the ability for all Internet Service Providers to keep a fair and honest internet for all subscribers. Eliminating Net Neutrality now allows the ISP companies to charge you more for content you already receive. As a tech person this is a very important issue to me as I see the possibilities for all communities to be charged more for different content they now receive.

Education Funding

With budget cuts this last legislative session in 2017 and Gov. Burgum proposing an additional 10% to higher education we need to restore funding Pre-2017. Due to the cuts local and city governments are having to raise property tax rates at an alarming rate. This also drives away higher education students to other states thus even hitting local economies even more. Some cities depend on college students and if students are leaving the state to attend college else where it hurts North Dakota. I would also like to see more funding for early childhood development programs as well.

As your next legislature representing District 45, I promise to you that I will work hard to ensure everything I laid out will not be forgotten. These issues are very important to me and I want to see North Dakota strive and become a leader in jobs, safety and education. I look forward to speaking to everyone and I look forward to your vote this November