Candidate Tim Hoye for District 45 House of Representatives North Dakota


Here are a few issues that Tim feels strongly about. If you wish to hear more about Tims positions please contact him today to discuss, he would love to hear from you.

Net Neutrality

Keep our internet neutral from big business and ISP providers. We need a fair internet for all.

Property Taxes

Property taxes for Cass County have gotten out of hand. We need better a better budget that is does not depend on oil that will help reduce property taxes across the county.

Tech Jobs

We have many colleges just in the FM area and a lot of students are in some sort of tech field. I believe we can bring high paying jobs to the state that will help every type of worker, from construction, office staff, to developers.

Ending Blue Laws

As our society evolves we need to bring an end to the blue laws. We should not tell a business owner that they can’t be open on Sunday no longer. We need to allow every business to have the choice to be open.