My name is Tim Hoye and I am running for House of Representatives representing District 45 in North Dakota. I have been happily married to my wife, Jayme, since 2012 and we have been residents of West Fargo since our marriage. I was born in Breckenridge MN while living in Abercrombie ND. I have lived in various locations between MN, SD, ND and Washington state, but I have called Fargo home for the past 2 decades. I am honored to have the endorsement and look forward to the great campaign ahead of us!

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I was in studio with Tyler Axness on KFGO 790 discussing Net Neutrality. You can listen here
We also had a press conference and you can read one of the articles here
We also protested back in December 2017 before the decision and I gave an interview to KVRR which you can watch here
4 days ago
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1 week ago

Immigration has been key to the success of North Dakota. Going back to the oil boom in the western part of our state, North Dakota companies brought in thousands of migrant workers to build up ... See more

1 week ago
Strictest net neutrality bill makes big comeback after being gutted under pressure by big telecom

Score a win for #NetNeutrality even if its in California. Specific language of the bill is not available just yet, but #Democrats banded together against the big telephone company lobbyists to get ... See more

California’s net neutrality legislation has made a huge recovery. The bill had made moves through the state senate and subcommittees heavily pressured by big telecom lobbyists; but was gutted two ... See more

1 week ago

Happy 4th of July everyone. Please be safe today and enjoy the day. Let's remember all of our men and women who serve and have served that are unable to be with their loved ones on this day.

1 week ago
I just gave to Tim Hoye!

Hello friends, I need your help this month, our campaign put a very lofty goal for fund raising this month. With the election just a few months away we need as many contributions as we can possibly ... See more

Help Tim reach his July goal!

2 weeks ago

I had a great time last night Island Park with North Dakota District 11 Dem-NPL candidates as well as the Fargo Dem-NPL Campaign Office and Heidi Heitkamp team. Great time talking with voters and the ... See more

3 weeks ago

I have a vision for North Dakota in the 21st Century. Remember, all great enterprises begin with a single vision. We are a great state and we have endless possibilities to make it greater. To do ... See more

3 weeks ago
I just gave to District 45 Democrats (ND).

ND District 45- DEM NPL now has a secure online donation site! Thank you to our chair Jeff Shirley and our treasurer Verlaine Gullickson for setting this up.

Would you make a donation of $22 ... See more

3 weeks ago
Erin Oban

The more you know.

Last session, the Legislature passed a bill (sponsored by 6 of my Republican Senate and House colleagues) and the Governor signed into law language that would go into effect pending the U.S. Supreme ... See more

3 weeks ago
ND Legislature Reviews Draft of New Sexual Harassment Policy

A legislature should be held to a higher standard as any other government official should be. A reputation is something that a freshman legislature or a 26 year sitting legislature should be ... See more

Work place sexual harassment policies are changing across the country. These changes come on the heels of the #MeToo movement that has empowered victims to speak up against those that took advantage.

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