My name is Tim Hoye and I am running for House of Representatives representing District 45 in North Dakota. I have been happily married to my wife, Jayme, since 2012 and we have been residents of West Fargo since our marriage. I was born in Breckenridge MN while living in Abercrombie ND. I have lived in various locations between MN, SD, ND and Washington state, but I have called Fargo home for the past 2 decades. I am honored to have the endorsement and look forward to the great campaign ahead of us!

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I was honored to receive the Run For Something endorsement in August. This organization is committed to getting young Democrats elected and I am 1 of only 3 to receive this endorsement as of August 20th, 2018.

Are you looking for a great T-Shirt for this election campaign season and want to donate to our cause? Click on the link to purchase a t-Shirt for you and your family members. $25/each and come in assorted sizes and colors.

What will you do with 16 days left until the election to help more democrats get elected?

I will talk to more people and tell them my positions and why I'm running and hope that will ensure a victory in 16 days!
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Last night was an absolute honor for me. I got to meet a gentleman who is 94 years old, a WW2 Navy Veteran and a former school teacher. We spoke for at least 15 minutes I got to learn about his past we talked about his grandson who he is super proud of (which he should be! State champion this year!) We talked about our values in life and the one thing that stuck out to me, we have a 57 year age difference but the values I have are the same as his values. That just goes to show that people in North Dakota care about a wide variety of issues. If you're a Democrat or a Republican it doesn't matter, we have the same values in life. We work hard, want good things for our kids ourselves our elders. We want this world to be a better place when we leave it.

He and I shared that same value our entire conversation and it was such an honor. Win or lose this election the greatest thing I'll be taking away from this is the stories of my neighbors.

It is truly an honor and I hope to be elected so I can share my values with the entire state of North Dakota.
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